Yikes! What the heck happened to my lawn? The grass is all matted down and instead of a healthy green color; it’s turned a sickly grayish-tan and unnatural pink. As an advanced Master Gardner with the University of Idaho, I quickly discovered it is Snow Mold. It’s a fungus. There are two types of Snow […]

I was frowning as I was looking out my kitchen window at my main vegetable garden. There were wispy clouds in a powder blue sky. The February sunlight was brightening the landscape like a toddler’s fresh, innocent smile. I should have been happily surveying a yard recently swept clear of decrepit corn stalks and battered bean […]

A week’s worth of unseasonably warm weather has me thinking about one of my first garden chores of the season: trimming ornamental grasses. So you trimmed yours back in the fall? This year, consider waiting until the spring. The dormant grass and seed heads (inflorescence) add a beautiful component to the frozen landscape. After a […]