There aren’t many things more legendary to the state of Idaho than rodeo. The Gem State is well known for many things, but along with pristine wilderness, snowy scapes, and some starchy roots that are high in potassium, the western lifestyle is part of Idaho’s personality. Cowboys and cowgirls with their horses, saddles and tack, […]

Fall is that bittersweet time of year in the West when we welcome cooler weather, the onset of hunting season, and the beauty of the colors, but have to put aside the fun of rodeo season for a few months. The excitement that carries us through the summer seems to increase with each event throughout the Idaho Cowboys’ […]

By Mark Schmitt, President D&B Supply. This past Saturday at the Idaho Cowboy Association (ICA) finals I had the honor of presenting Caseyn Pearson a Montana Silversmiths buckle to recognize him as the ICA Jr. Bullfighter of the year. This is a recognition that was built just for him! Caseyn has been a Jr. Bullfighter […]

No one knows exactly how the sport of bull riding originated. Outside of this specific event, all the rodeo events have some sort of link to ranch life, and possibly even a practical purpose. Whether breaking green livestock, rounding up strays, or doctoring hurt or injured animals, everything has a tie, with the exception of […]

Rodeo is a fast moving sport, where hundredths of seconds count like an eternity and moments go by in a blur. Action, speed, and unpredictability all intertwine and clamor for the attention of those following the goings-on. Behind it all, though, there is a rustic grace and beauty that is easily overlooked for the flying […]

From atop his beautiful horse, Limo, the Snake River Stampede’s announcer Boyd Polhamus was quite clear. In unmistakable terms, and with counting fingers held out for all to see, he listed off all the professional rodeos that had celebrated their hundredth anniversary. Calgary, Cheyenne, Pendleton, and Pecos were counted before a pause to announce the […]

If there’s one thing Idaho proves over and again, it’s that there’s no shortage of rodeo action for anyone inclined to attend. From the smallest to the most grandiose, there’s a rodeo for your enjoyment to be found across the state and in every size and style. They all have their own unique feel and approach […]