One of my horse’s larger problems is that she is allergic to pain. She basically hates anything that hurts, bites, stings, or doesn’t feel good. Deworming falls into those catergories. Some horses don’t put up a fuss at all about deworming; I don’t think it’s uncommon, though, for a horse to hate deworming. For those […]

So finally the day came when the vet was going to come out and float the horse’s teeth. I was pretty worried that it wouldn’t go so well. I shouldn’t have; it all went fine. I underestimated the power of sedation. Dr. Gillis, of AMC, wanted to start with Barbie because her teeth were worse. […]

As I have come to know my horses better, I have been realizing that everything I learned about riding lessons hasn’t really stuck with me. I was wondering if it was all for naught, but then I recognized that I did learn lots about riding, but only riding. I have taken riding lessons for a […]