Blueberries 101 There’s a misconception that blueberries don’t grow in Idaho. That they are a fruit reserved for the cooler climates of Oregon and Washington. While it’s true that blueberries like acidic soil – something we don’t have here in Southwest Idaho – with a few steps along the way you can be growing berries right along with […]

Softening and bending PVC pipe has become a regular activity for my engineer. He has done everything from forcing straight pipes to fit into anchor slots to form a hoop house cold frame, to using a blowtorch to make the stand for my underwater swimming timer. The problems with forced bending are limits of degree […]

The other day, I saw some nifty directions for making a chicken water heater out of a cookie tin and a light kit . Since my husband, Greg, is an electrical engineer, he likes me to ask him before I begin projects like that. So, I asked. He said, “Let me think about it.”

A short while later, he was teaching me about resistors, Ohm’s Law, and how to calculate how much power a 60 watt light bulb uses. He showed me a website,, that sells electronic parts, this is where we ordered our resistors. Then, we made a trip to Radioshack for heat shrink tubing.