The biggest barrier to learning to ride The biggest barrier for me learning to ride a horse has been not knowing how to have a conversation with my horse. I didn’t grow up around horses. I didn’t hang out with horse people or horses most of my adult life. As a result, I didn’t understand […]

Thank you Alayne Blickle for allowing us to republish the following article on being firewise with your horses. Many horse owners live in rural areas surrounded by trees or open rangeland with grass or shrubs. In a dry year these materials can easily become fuels for wildfire; high temperatures, limited summer rainfall, strong winds and […]

As I have come to know my horses better, I have been realizing that everything I learned about riding lessons hasn’t really stuck with me. I was wondering if it was all for naught, but then I recognized that I did learn lots about riding, but only riding. I have taken riding lessons for a […]