In this episode, Matt describes what it’s like to deal with pocket gophers, a very frustrating varmint. Matt goes over some do-it-yourself methods for eliminating pocket gophers and speaks with gopher experts Jim Martell, who is the director of Canyon County Idaho’s Weed and Pest Control Commission, and John Turpin the owner of Idaho Gopher […]

Spring has definitely hit the western end of the country. Flowers are starting to appear and pastures are turning green. If you look even more closely you’ll see that the gophers are hard at it. Soft rich mounds of earth are piling up, which is a sure sign that gophers are active.

Trust me — it’s not one of those things you can wait on. A friend of mine who traps gophers is already catching pregnant females. According to university researchers, a single pocket gopher can build as many as 300 soil mounds in a year and move 4 tons of earth.