For some reason, the guys in the marketing department here at D&B think that what I do is interesting.

So Ben Shuey got a video camera and followed me as I made a call on one of our customers. The customer and I chatted a bit about putting up a fence — which posts to use and the like, and Ben has put it together for you in the video below. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments.


  • Armando

    Dan, cool video. I am glad that Ben shot it. In an odd way it reminds me of the Shaytards,

  • Pam Burns

    Great video! I hope you follow up with the final fence project, cost, materials etc. Keep up the good work!

  • kelsey

    Everybody loves a cowboy! :) && not to mention their local D&B!

  • Kelsey

    D&B rocks at keeping it local and FRIENDLY, as shown in the video to a TEE!

  • Armando

    @Kelsey …would that be a TEE post? :-)

  • Steve Bennett

    Love putting up fencing, just not in February, and I’m glad he said no barbed wire…

  • Steve Bennett

    Wood is my material of choice, borads on insides of posts so the horses can’t push them out

  • Steve Bennett

    I concrete on corners, and about every third post in any length…

  • Steve Bennett

    The come-along is a necessity in any wire fencing

  • Steve Bennett

    “I won’t build it unless its built right” Words of incredible wisdom.

  • angela

    I really dont like wood because of the chewing that goes on…

  • Julie

    Good job Dan!

  • http://No Jackie Beverage

    Nice job Dan! I’ll have to show my son as he is needing to build a new fence for his horses.

  • gloria

    awsome video very informative thanks Dan