This week I chose to do a sweet treat for Pinterest Thursdays. These beautiful cheesecake cookies have been glaring at me from my “cookies” board on Pinterest. I suppose they can only glare at me because I keep searching them out! I am a sucker for cheesecake anything. Cheesecake is a high priority food group. Right up there with the coffee food group. I decided to be pro-active and just make them already!


So this is the beautiful picture/post and accompanying recipe. Might I include, that I followed the recipe to the letter, something I do not usually do. However, I really wanted that cookie and did not want to take the chance of a mess up. Speaking of mess up in the picture you will notice a box of baking soda. Not supposed to be there! The ingredient is baking powder. I know you might be mis-led to think, “Oh this is what happened.” I did catch the mistake before adding it in, just didn’t take a new pic.


This photo is important because the scant amount of cheesecake filling is some what alarming. But it is correct. I even went back and topped them off as to not waste the “cheesecake” filling.


Directions said to use two tablespoons of dough if you do not have a cookie scoop. Remember I followed the directions to the letter!


NOW DO THESE LOOK ANYTHING LIKE THE PINTEREST PHOTO??! Here is the original link to the recipe.


Let me give you some of the reviews from the family for these… “cookies.”

-M “It’s not really Thursday! What are those? What are you doing? Those aren’t cookies.” ME to him “OMG.”
Ashlin: “They are weirdly addicting. You don’t really want to eat them, but them you have to get another. There is no cheesecake involved here!”
Jacob: “These are lemon cookies.”

These cookies are so far from the picture I can not imagine what went wrong! The filling was so pungently lemony. And the crust, if I had made these for an outside of the house purpose I would have had to stop at a supermarket to buy a dessert!

Sincerely don’t know what to say.
Except “They’re not all gonna be golden” (it’s from Mission Impossible 4).
Looking forward to next week’s success.