You have caught me at a bit of word play here. The word radical’s first definition in the dictionary is “from the roots, going to the foundation of something, basic.” Raised beds are a basic gardening concept that are easy if you just keep in mind a few foundational ideas. Let’s group the discussion into these categories: […]

Let me be perfectly honest with you. I don’t get everything completely harvested. Whether it be over planting for our household needs or unexpected illness, there is always something that inhibits my ideal harvest results. But every year, I keep trying and refining my approach, always getting a little closer to satisfaction. Some of this […]

The word chlorosis comes from two Greek parts. The first, chlor-, means green. The ending, -osis, indicates a state or condition, usually implying a less than desirable or abnormal condition. Thus, it is a little odd that the English definition of chlorosis literally means “the condition of being green,” but for plants it is “the state or […]

I was frowning as I was looking out my kitchen window at my main vegetable garden. There were wispy clouds in a powder blue sky. The February sunlight was brightening the landscape like a toddler’s fresh, innocent smile. I should have been happily surveying a yard recently swept clear of decrepit corn stalks and battered bean […]