Chocolate Cake. Two of  the best tasting words on Gods green earth! Aside from Cheese and Cake. Chocolate cake for me is a tough one. My mother hands down, makes THE best chocolate cake on Gods green earth. It’s true. Anyone that has ever had it will declare it from the mountain tops with fork held […]

I  L O V E SPRING! Spring is just the best. There is new life everywhere you look. The sun returns in all of it’s glory and warmth, days grow longer, baby cows romp through fields, bees buzz about, tulips, snowdrops, and daffodils begin to pop up everywhere, and D&B Supply has BABY CHICKS! I […]

My eldest daughter Kaitlin has a love for bread. I’m not just saying she likes to eat bread (c’mon who doesn’t like to eat bread) she LOVES bread! She loves the different rustic crusts that can be had with different techniques. The different flavors and textures that are accomplished with less or more kneading or […]

Most good projects begin with something free. Something found. Even something repurposed. The less financial investment involved simply makes the project that much sweeter. I so enjoy seeing how many lives one simple object can actually live! Enter picture frames. Oh, and I should have mentioned in my first post… Spray Paint is a Girls […]

This week I chose to do a sweet treat for Pinterest Thursdays. These beautiful cheesecake cookies have been glaring at me from my “cookies” board on Pinterest. I suppose they can only glare at me because I keep searching them out! I am a sucker for cheesecake anything. Cheesecake is a high priority food group. […]