Horses usually love winter weather, but the change in temperature does have an effect how you should manage your horse.

This week Dr. Steve Duren, a world renowned equine nutritionist and the expert behind LMF horse feed formulas, joined Dr. Brett Bauscher on the D&B Supply Ask a Vet podcast. During that podcast both Dr. Duren and Dr. Bauscher discussed how to care for and product animals during the winter months.

In response to the podcast, here are four tips that will help you better care for your horse this winter.

Whether you’re a hunter, logger, hiker, fireman, police officer, farmer, or Marine, you know the value of a comfortable, well-made boot to support and protect your foot. Turns out that the makers of Danner boots know it too, which, perhaps, explains why the company has been building some of the best boots around since 1932. After all, customers like quality at a good price.

Danner was founded during the Great Depression when unemployment reached an astounding 25 percent in the United States. As the economy healed a little, entrepreneurs like Charles Danner were able to use relatively low raw material prices to good advantage.

Movember is an action oriented group and event that seeks to overcome prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Each November, the organization asks men to stop shaving, grow a great moustache, and raise money.

Specifically, funds raised in the United States are divided among the Prostate Cancer Foundation, LIVESTRONG, and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. These organizations use the funds to support awareness, education, survivorship, and research.

This morning D&B Supply began selling select products online.  Our initial product offering includes key items from White’s Boots, Wrangler, Carhartt, and Cinch. We will continue to make additional products available in the coming days and weeks.

How and when new products are made available for online purchase will depend in part on product requests from you, our customer. If there are certain products that you would like us to make available, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or complete the comment “Post Card” at the bottom of any page.

Jake Telford is well respected horse trainer and a National Reined Cow Horse Association competitor with more than $1 million in earnings. Recently, Telford, thanks to the folks at Nutrena, hosted a clinic for the winners of D&B’s “Day with Jake” contest.

Five winners and their guests were invited to Telford Training in Caldwell for a clinic. Nutrena representatives also demonstrated how to estimate a horse’s body condition and provided some horse care tips.

The 2011 Snake River Stampede started July 19 with fun and excitement for spectators of all ages.

D&B sent me to the opening night to get a few photographs so that we could share them with you on our blog, and — eventually— in our Flickr feed. D&B has been a long time sponsor of the Snake River Stampede because we love rodeos and rodeo people. We hope that you’ll get a chance to go to the stampede this week and take part.

If you do get go, don’t be afraid to post a comment here and let us know what you liked best at this year’s stampede.

After years of planning and many months of coding work, D&B Supply will begin selling select products online in August.

We still have a lot to do to be ready, and we thought that, perhaps, you would be interested to see some of our preparation in these final weeks.

As such, I will be posting updates as we approach our launch date Be sure to check back to learn which products we will be offering for sale online and more of the specifics about making purchases from the D&B Supply site.

This year’s Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally in Baker City, Oregon will be held June 10 to 13. The D&B Supply in Baker City is offering a special — valid in Baker City only — 10-percent off coupon.

The Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally gives riders an opportunity to enjoy some of the best motorcycle roads in the country, revealing awesome scenery and historical sites.

According to the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally website, all of the rides will begin at the Sunridge Inn off of Interstate 84’s exit 304.

In a moment, you’ll read about how you can enter to win a pair of Wrangler Jeans for your dad just in time for Father’s Day. But first, I’d like to tell you a little story about Rodeo Ben.

Rodeo Ben, whether you know him or not, has, perhaps, had more of an impact on the modern cowboy lifestyle than wild-west greats Buffalo Bill, Roy Rogers, or Jim Shoulders. You see, Rodeo Ben was a tailor from Philadelphia.

Ben Lichtenstein, according to Tyler Beard and Jim Arndt’s book, 100 Years of Western Wear, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1894

D&B Supply has been lucky enough to help support the Miss Rodeo Idaho and this year has been no exception. The reigning queen, Tricia Lynn Crump, has spent this past year informing and educating the public about the importance of Idaho’s agriculture and the strong partnership needed between agriculture and the western way of life through the professional sport of rodeo. This Pocatello native started her cowgirl ambitions by becoming the mutton busting champion of the Dodge National Circuit Finals as a youngster.

The Memorial Day Ceremony at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery honored those members of the U.S. military who died in the service of their country. The ceremony drew hundreds of folks, who remembered what had been given.

Yesterday, D&B allowed me go to the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery to take some photographs from the Memorial Day Ceremony.

I have placed several of those photographs in this blog post. Please take a look and let us know what you think in the post comments.

If you did not give it much thought Memorial Day might seem like something of a paradox.

Held the last Monday in May, its position on the calendar creates a three-day weekend marking — unofficially — the beginning of summer. In this sense, it is a celebration with barbequing, picnics, and outdoor play. Yet Memorial Day is, perhaps, the most solemn of American national holidays, created to honor and remember those who have died whilst serving in the American military.

But there is another sense wherein these two seemingly different emotions and activities follow neatly one to the next. If those soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines honored on Memorial Day had not acted, had not responded to freedom’s call, had not served and died, we might live in a very different world — a world not worthy of celebration. When on Memorial Day, we grill out, play catch with the kids, or otherwise enjoy the day, we are, perhaps, doing those things in honor of the fallen who make them possible.