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Beekeepers this time of year are excited to dive in for a first inspection of the spring. It’s common to find that some hives in your apiary didn’t survive the winter. Don’t be too discouraged by this because it’s statistically normal to lose some hives, even with the best of beekeeping practices. But, it’s helpful […]

The Varroa Mite is a major factor (if not THE major factor) to the decline in honey bees. This little tiny mite causes many problems. They spread diseases, weaken the immune systems of the bees, and can even cause deformities like shriveled wings. It can be nearly impossible to completely eradicate mites from our hives, […]

Autumn is here! This signals a drastic change for beekeepers, as we are less able to effectively inspect our hives. Cooler temperatures are the culprit of this and I am often asked “what temperature is too cold to inspect a hive?” The short answer is – somewhere around 60 degrees or warmer. But there’s a […]

Honey bees are known to be quite hygienic. They take care to ensure that their hive is clean. Nearly all hives are experts at removing foreign substances from their home – debris, non-welcomed insects, etc. Some hives even go as far as to remove problematic substances that could cause disease to take hold of their […]

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Your Name: Your Phone Number: Your Email Address: Which Class Will You Attend? April 18, 2014 6 p.m. – TWIN FALLS D&B SupplyApril 21, 2014 6 p.m. – CALDWELL D&B SupplyApril 22, 2014 6 p.m. – BOISE D&B Supply Register for Chick Training About the Chick Training D&B Supply is teaming up with Nutrena to […]

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